E-Gift Promo Offer:

Receive an additional $20 Bonus eCard with every eCard Purchase of $100. PLUS receive RAPS’ VIP rate of 25% off in-house services!*


La valeur de l'argent qui sera chargé sur la carte.

Le message qui sera joint au cadeau (Limite de 200 caractères).

Le nom de la personne qui reçoit la carte.

Le nom de la personne qui envoit la carte

Le courrier électronique de la personne qui envoit la carte.

C'est pour s'assurer que nous envoyons le reçu au bon endroit.

Si non-sélectioné, votre destinataire recevra son cadeau immédiatement.


If you are purchasing this gift card for YOURSELF
: You will receive two emails (in addition to your receipt). One email will contain the standard gift card of $100 amount you paid, and the other email will contain the $20 bonus promotional gift card.
You must register both cards in your name.

If you are purchasing this gift card for SOMEONE ELSE: They will receive an email containing the standard eGIFT card you purchased for them, and you will receive the email containing the 20% bonus promotional card.
You must forward them the 20% promotional card email so that they can register both cards in their own name.

Thank you! Please be patient - expect emails to arrive within one hour of purchase.

*Restrictions and Conditions apply, please see full details here.

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